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MacLucas's killed in war





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How do you spell your name? Is it in the list below?

Does anybody know of any other spellings?

MacLucas, McLucas, M'Lucas, MacLucais, McLucais, M'Lucais, MacLugash, McLugash, M'Lugash, MacLugaish, McLugaish, M'Lugaish, MacLugish, McLugish, M'Lugish, MacLuckie, McLuckie, M'Luckie, MacLucky, McLucky, M'Lucky, MacLockie, McLockie, M'Lockie, MacLocky, McLocky, M'Locky, MacClucas, McClucas, M'Clucas, MacLugas, McLugas, M'Lugas, MacLaugas, McLaugas, M'Laugas, MacLowkas, McLowkas, M'Lowkas, Clucas, MacClugashe, McClugashe, M'Clugashe, MacLuke, McLuke, M'Luke, MacClugas, McClugas, M'Clugas.

This website has been set up for all those of the name MacLucas (or however you spell it) who want to find out more about their history & genealogy. You will find on this site references to the MacLucas name, it is not extensive, and i would welcome any info that you may have on the name that you would be willing to share publicy on the site.